Hatcham Park Tapered House

.2.5 Layout.jpg

Location: Hatcham Park Conservation Area, Southwark


A compact Victorian end of terrace within the Hatcham Park Conservation Area required enlargement to provide a basement enlargement and extension and internal improvements to provide a sequence of spaces for living, entertaining, and working from home. 

The challenge lay in the unconventional triangular site which tapered significantly to the rear. However, the space was carefully arranged to provide a new dining space that was spacious enough to allow for up to 10 people, that retained external space, maximised light into the middle of the building, whilst allowing sufficient daylight to neighbouring property and sensitive to the qualities of the conservation area. The final design whilst compact in layout, provided the sense of space vertically with vaulted ceiling.

A basement enlargement provided the flexible space for additional sleeping area, home working, entertainment and utility provision.

New internal joinery provided efficient storage space within existing alcoves and new openings in the external envelope provided more light into the rooms behind.

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