Telegraph Hill - House 2

1905-200-10 Prop. Front & Rear Elevation

Location: New Cross, Lewisham

Located within the Telegraph Hill Conservation Area, this project involves an upgrade of a Victorian mid terrace with a rear kitchen, dining and additional living space and loft extension to provide a flexible living/ study space, including landscaping works.

Massing studies established a form that maintained good daylighting to neighbours on either side, but the challenge lay in the shape of the site which converged to the rear. The final design of the rear extension took the form of a new rear facing bay window to pair with the existing Victorian bay window to the side. This provides a space to sit and relax, that maximises daylighting and improves views and access into the garden. The configuration also required sufficient ventilation and access for the family cat. London Stock brick was used to tie in with the existing materials.


The loft extension creates a simple and discrete dormer window in keeping with the character of the terrace whilst using low maintenance contemporary materials such as zinc. 


The design also focuses on low energy design principles to improve thermal comfort and reduce energy costs through good insulation and air-tightness. Summer cooling and visual amenity is provided with a green sedum roof. 

Completion: Summer 2020